Solarwatt installs solar roof for Dresden public transport operator

Solarwatt has installed solar panel arrays with a total output of 300 kWp on two roofs above the Trachenberge railyard in Dresden owned by the city’s public transport operator Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (DVB).
Solarwatt installs solar roof for Dresden public transport operator
Courtesy of Solarwatt

The site was previously used to accommodate trams after daily closure of operations but two new rail ports will be constructed to provide shelter for the trams and enable nightly maintenance and cleaning. The installation of approximately 1,000 glass modules from the Dresden solar system provider will be completed in the next few weeks.

“Together with DVB, we are demonstrating how self-consumption with solar energy can also work in a large commercial enterprise” said Solarwatt Managing Director Detlef Neuhaus. “An in-house system not only saves costs, but also improves the energy efficiency of the entire company. So why leave any roof areas unused?”

DVB started planning the project in December of 2017. One of the core requirements was that only glass-glass modules should be used for the photovoltaic system. The contract to install the photovoltaic system was awarded to the company Gexx Aerosol from Wildau near Berlin, which has successfully been working with glass-glass modules from Solarwatt for several years.

“Our two companies stand for reliability and quality” said Jochen Drepper, Head of Sales & Business Development at Gexx Aerosol. “And DVB also benefits from the regional proximity. The solar modules could be delivered within the city, directly from the production line to the construction site. Such short transports make the solar system even more eco-friendly”.

With more than 166 trams and 140 buses, DVB serves the local transport network of the Saxon state capital. The company counts more than 163 million passengers a year. Almost one hundred percent of the electricity generated by the new system is consumed by the company itself. In combination with the existing thermal power station, the new solar installation will provide sufficient electricity to cover DVB's own needs in Dresden Trachenberge. This includes all of the railyard buildings, including the workshop and the DVB administration building.

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