Solytic to Take Over Suntrol Solar Monitoring Portal

Solar monitoring software provider Solytic will take over and operate Suntrol Portal by bankrupt solar panel producer Solarworld, beginning March 8, 2019. For its 27,500 globally registered users, the portal will still be available free of charge.
Solytic to Take Over Suntrol Solar Monitoring Portal
Courtesy of Solytic

Solytic will ensure the continuous service of Suntrol as a first step. But the Berlin solar monitoring provider, whose financial investor is the energy provider Vattenfall, also plans to further develop their new asset in the future.

Suntrol has been running on Solytic’s servers since 2017 to secure all data. Currently, the portal monitors the performance and production data of over 23,000 solar installations with a total capacity of almost 330 MWp. In addition to the usual information about the production history, users see how much CO2 they save and how much energy they consume.

Solytic  will continue to modernize the portal and add new features.

“We are very happy that Solytic will realize our joint plans for a user friendly future for the portal and that it will thereby continue to be a free of charge portal for our customers,” explained Markus Hund, Director Product & Quality at Solarworld.

"Thanks to modern analytics and automation features, Solytic is leading the development of smart monitoring systems for solar assets. Our customers benefit from an automated monitoring and a smart analytics, so they can substantially optimize the operation and maintenance of their solar assets,” said Solytic CEO, Johannes Burgard.

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