Total Inaugurates New Caledonia Solar Power Plant  

Total Quadran, a wholly owned Total subsidiary, has brought online its Hélio Boulouparis 2, the second phase of the solar park which is the most extensive solar program ever carried out in New Caledonia. The first tranche, Hélio Boulouparis 1, has been operational since 2017. 
Total Inaugurates New Caledonia Solar Power Plant  
Dennis Schroeder / NREL

Equipped with more than 58,000 solar panels, the plant has installed capacity of nearly 16 megawatts-peak (MWp),estimated to beenough to cover the energy needs of over 21,000 residents of New Caledonia.

The plant will also feature a lithium-ion energy storage system with a capacity of nearly 10 MW. The combination of a large photovoltaic system with an ESS will contribute the quality and reliability of the electricity grid for the benefit of the local population.

“With nearly 60% of the total photovoltaic capacity installed in New Caledonia, Total Quadran is positioned as the first player in the New Caledonian solar market,”said Thierry Muller, General Manager of Total Quadran. “As a historical player in the territory, Total is proud to be able to contribute to a less carbon-intensive energy mix of the region, while promoting the integration of renewables into the electricity grid through appropriate storage facilities

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