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Solar Heat Europe and Liquid Gas Europe publish joint policy on carbon reduction

Solar Heat Europe and Liquid Gas Europe have called on European, national, and local policymakers to take a comprehensive approach to emissions reduction focusing on cost-effective modernisation of heating and cooling systems.
Solar Heat Europe and Liquid Gas Europe publish joint policy on carbon reduction
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The associations promote a mixed technology approach to heating and cooling to facilitate decarbonisation of this sector and to contribute to further deployment of renewables and smart system integration in rural Europe. The replacement of old and inefficient heating and cooling installations should be prioritised. The planned and possibly staged replacement of old and inefficient space and water heating systems with new, efficient, and renewable appliances, should be incentivised.

Currently, the EU heating market is twice the size of that for electricity, therefore tangible and fast actions are needed to decarbonise the European heating sector, especially in rural areas.

However, thanks to solar thermal collectors paired with bioLPG condensing boilers or other renewable applications, Europeans can progressively enjoy a clean, secure, and efficient energy mix.

“Hybrid technologies combining the environmental benefits and reliability of solar thermal heat and bioLPG, present an exciting opportunity for heat generation” said Samuel Maubanc, General Manager of Liquid Gas Europe. “Rural areas can be a great example in this context. By investing in bioLPG, a renewable gas distributed off the grid, and solar thermal heating, Europe can pave the way for the decarbonisation of rural households and further uptake of renewable energy.”

The Renovation Wave hand in hand with the upcoming European legislation should facilitate investments in the transition to sustainable heating solutions in the European Union, in particular locally generated renewable heating and cooling as well as renewable gases.

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