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Altitec partners with Nordex for South African blade inspection

Blade inspection and maintenance specialist, Altitec, has completed end of warranty (EOW) blade inspections at the Amakhala Wind Farm in South African’s Eastern Cape in partnership with Nordex
Altitec partners with Nordex for South African blade inspection

Altitec carried out EOW inspections on 54 turbines, each with a height of 91 metres, in partnership with Nordex Energy South Africa. The inspection work began in December 2016 and was finally completed this summer. EOW inspections and maintenance are essential to the successful long-term operation and financial returns of wind farms such as that at Amakhala. Responsibility for assessing turbines moves from the original manufacturer to the project owner with the end of the warranty period. Nordex carries out maintenance at this point in order to help avoid any project downtime or financial losses later in the wind farm’s lifecycle.

“We know that turbine blades that are regularly inspected and maintained to a high standard remain cost-efficient” said Anne Henschel, Managing Director of Nordex Energy South Africa. “By partnering with Altitec to deliver MWS services, our clients can be assured that their turbines will perform at optimal levels for as long as possible, reducing costs and improving overall wind farm performance in the process.”

Tom Dyffort, Managing Director, Altitec Group, added that EOW inspections are not only necessary, but a great opportunity for turbine manufacturers to add value and optimise performance into the future. The company managed to carry out work on 54 turbines as quickly as possible while adhering to high standards.

As a trusted and experienced international partner, Altitec employed its considerable experience in the field at the Amakhala site, helping the manufacturer to fulfil its warranty obligations. The company benefits from a range of technological equipment and expertise including the Actsafe powered rope ascender, which boosts the efficiency of technicians, allowing them to carry out up to 35 percent more work when compared with traditional rope access techniques.

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