Blue Tree widens its portfolio with a contract for wind farm management in Spain

Blue Tree Asset Management (BTAM), a firm specialising in the comprehensive management of renewable energy projects, is to manage two wind farms in Murcia and Seville, Spain.
Blue Tree widens its portfolio with a contract for wind farm management in Spain

The asset management contract will be delivered through DIF, one of the leading infrastructure funds management firms internationally. It will combine the technical, financial, economic and legal fields for two wind farms totalling 80 MW.

“This contract widens our management portfolio and allows us to keep moving forward in our growth strategy while reinforcing our independence and specialization based business model, in order to maximize our clients’ investment returns, and at the same time minimizing their risks”, explains Pedro Diosdado, General Manager at Blue Tree.

Blue Tree manages a 270 MW portfolio of photovoltaic and wind power projects for its clients. The firm has designed an ambitious business plan that will lead to the management of 1,000 MW in three years, positioning itself in five strategic markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile and France, while consolidating its presence in countries where it already operates like Italy and Spain.

The company’s business model for the comprehensive management of renewable energy projects (wind power and photovoltaic energy) is based on the pillars of independence and specialisation, focusing on all the areas of asset management (legal, technical and financial/economic).

Blue Tree works for numerous clients with renewable energy assets, from smaller scale private investors to major institutional investors at an international level, including investment funds and banking entities.

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