Dulas and Leosphere Announce Partnership

Celebrated renewable energy specialist Dulas, has partnered with world-leading remote sensing company Leosphere, a Vaisala company. This newly minted partnership gives Dulas exclusive British and Irish distribution rights for Leosphere’s WindCube product and services.
Dulas and Leosphere Announce Partnership
Courtesy of NREL

Machynlleth-based Dulas is one of the oldest names in renewables, having established itself in 1982 as a subsidiary of the iconic Centre for Alternative Technology. Now a fully independent cooperative, Dulas has repeatedly broken ground across the world with its award-winning hydro, wind and solar technologies and solutions. Their partnership with Leosphere will add to the company’s long-list of advancements in the wind-monitoring arena.

Leosphere, founded in 2004 is a French world leader in ground-based and wind turbine- mounted Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) equipment for atmospheric observation. The company designs, develops and manufactures remote-sensing instruments to be supplied to the weather, research, wind, manufacturing, utilities and aviation industries. Leosphere’s products, including ‘the’ reference remote sensor – the WindCube Vertical Profiler - are considered market ‘bests’.

The Dulas/Leosphere partnership allows Leosphere to provide a much stronger service capability to its existing customers, and builds on their presence in the UK as the world’s leading LIDAR supplier, a rare example of a true win-win for everybody. Ruth Chapman, MD of Dulas, stated that the two companies are “thrilled to announce this news. This partnership will strengthen both company’s offerings and more importantly, create a high-quality and joined-up wind monitoring service within the UK.”

Thierry Gervais, wind energy director at Leosphere, added that "by joining with an eminent renewables business like Dulas, we will jointly be better able to serve our customers, who are requesting sales and support of our industry-leading WindCube suite of lidars. We are excited about the possibilities that will emerge from our company's complementary portfolios and expertise.”

Full details of the partnership will be revealed in tandem with Global Wind Day on June 15th.

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