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Northland Power announces first power to shore from Gemini Project

Northland Power has announced that the first turbine of the 600 MW Gemini offshore wind project in the North Sea is now producing power.
Northland Power announces first power to shore from Gemini Project

Installation of the turbines will continue throughout 2016 led by the project’s EPC contractor and co-owner Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors BV (Van Oord) and turbine supplier Siemens. Completion is expected in 2017 when generated energy will begin to flow into the Netherlands at Eemshaven via TenneT’s high voltage grid. Electricity supplied to the grid prior to full commercial operation will generate revenue that will be used to fund a portion of the project's construction costs.

The wind farm encompasses two 34 square kilometre areas and is located 85 kilometres off the coast of Groningen in the Netherlands. It is invisible from the coast and will generate energy in an area of the North Sea where wind speeds are among the best in the world for offshore wind power.

“To have the first turbine up and running represents another critical achievement on our first offshore construction project” said John Brace, CEO of Northland. “This significant milestone follows construction of the electric infrastructure in 2015, and installation of the turbine foundations in only 110 days. We are very pleased that the project continues to advance on budget and on schedule, and would like to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the Gemini team, partners, and contractors.”

The project is 60 percent owned by Northland Power, 20 percent by Siemens Financial Services, 10 percent by Van Oord and the remaining 10 percent by N.V. HVC. Once fully operational, Gemini will generate clean, renewable energy for 1.5 million people in the Netherlands.

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