WWEA celebrates ten years during which global wind capacity grew from 18 to 215 GW

This year, the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) celebrates its tenth Anniversary. Ten years ago, in July 2001, delegates from all over the world decided in Copenhagen to create an association that represents the interest of the wind sector on the global level. At that time, there were only 18 gigawatts (GW) of wind energy capacity worldwide.
WWEA celebrates ten years during which global wind capacity grew from 18 to 215 GW

WWEA's work contributed substantially to the strong growth of wind power worldwide, leading to a more than ten-fold increase from 18 GW (end of 2000) to 215 GW (June 2011) of installed capacity. At the same time, WWEA saw strong growth as well and today has more than 500 members in 100 countries - with WWEA's members associations representing more than 50,000 members.

On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary, WWEA presents its history and achievements in a special publication "10 Years of the World Wind Energy Association – Uniting the World of Wind Energy Since 2001". The publication looks back at 10 years of history and presents WWEA's main achievements, the highlights of ten World Wind Energy Conferences, and all the winners of the World Wind Energy Award. It also gives information about the core people within WWEA, WWEA's members as well as WWEA's closest partner organizations.

"We are proud that we can look back today at such a rich history, in such a relatively short period of time. Thanks to a very good cooperation of people and organizations from all over the world, we have been able to achieve a lot, for the benefit of an accelerated deployment of wind power all over the world,” says Dr. He Dexin, President of WWEA. “WWEA has become a truly worldwide association, with equal representation from so many countries. Based on our spirit of mutual understanding, respect and cooperation, WWEA will see achieve more success in the future, for a renewable energy future in all parts of the world and for all humans."

According to Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General, the WWEA has achieved a lot at the political level for the worldwide success of wind power and all the renewables. For Gsänger, WWEA's highlights are:

- the WWEC2004 in China and the following wind boom making the country the number one wind nation of the world;

- the first North American feed-in law in Ontario and the great push for community power that our WWEC2008 in Kingston has created; and

- the foundation of the International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA which has only just started to have huge impact on global governance systems.

Ontario Community Power Awards

Stefan Gsänger was honoured earlier this week as an International Community Power Leader for his contribution to the worldwide promotion of community power. The award was given during the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association 2011 Community Power Awards presented on the occasion of the 3rd Community Power Conference in Toronto (Canada).

The award presentation followed a keynote speech by Chris Bentley, Ontario’s Minister of Energy. The awards were presented by Kristopher Stevens, the Executive Director of OSEA.

The 2011 Community Power Award winners are:

  • International Community Power Leader Award: Stefan Gsänger, World Wind Energy Association, Secretary General
  • Community Power Leader Award: Mike Brigham, President of TREC Solar Share
  • Urban Community Power Leader Award: Farrah Khan, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
  • Aboriginal Community Power Leader Award: Byron LeClair, Director of Community Development, Pic River First Nation
  • Rural Community Power Leader Award: Don McCabe, Vice-President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

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