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Ingeteam installs a mobile energy storage lab for the European Commission

Ingeteam has established an energy storage system including a mobile renewable energy storage laboratory at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) at Petten in The Netherlands
Ingeteam installs a mobile energy storage lab for the European Commission

The project follows the winning of a European public tender by Ingeteam and is in response to the rise in need for variability in energy production and reliable technologies. These are needed to provide additional power when energy production from renewable energy sources is too low and to store energy when excess energy is generated from renewable sources. Balancing can be provided by energy storage technologies not only in the transmission and distribution networks but also in smaller-scale networks.

The portable storage system deployed at Petten includes a 20-foot container with a 166 kilovolt amp (kVA) power conversion system (PCS) and an energy management system (EMS), both of which are manufactured by Ingeteam. This makes it a practical storage solution which can also be transported by sea and road via an ordinary container while also totally simplifying the assembly and installation work at the locations where it is deployed. The solution can therefore be used by both the JRC labs and any other interested European company to test out their developments and innovations. The laboratory has already been installed in two locations: Italy and the Netherlands.

Ingeteam specialises in the design of power and control electronics such as frequency converters, process automation and control, electric machines and electrical engineering and generating plants. Across the four sectors of energy, industry, marine and rail traction, the company is always seeking to optimise energy consumption and maximise generation efficiency. The company operates across the world, employing more than 3,000 people with R&D forming the backbone of its business activity.

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