Dandelion Energy Launches Geothermal Sales and Service for Long Island

Dandelion Energy, a residential geothermal provider, is launching its unique Home Geothermal Systems heating and cooling service on Long Island, New York. Dandelion's modern clean and green home systems provide efficient heating, air conditioning, and hot water at significant savings over older fossil fuel burning devices. Dandelion systems eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and improve indoor air quality. In addition to generous federal and state incentives, PSE&G is offering up to $2,000 per ton of installed geothermal. 
Dandelion Energy Launches Geothermal Sales and Service for Long Island
Courtesy of Dandelion Energy

"We're excited to be launching on Long Island to provide the clean and green home heating, cooling, and hot water solution," said Kathy Hannun, CEO of Dandelion Energy. "New York has passed the most ambitious climate policy in the country, now Long Island homeowners have the opportunity to save significant money with clean geothermal. Buying and burning polluting fossil fuels for home heating and cooling can be a thing of the past."

Dandelion Home Geothermal Systems can be purchased for cash or with financing. Homeowners who pay cash and switch from fuel oil heat can potentially save over 50 percent in annual heating and cooling operating costs and have less than seven-year payback. Homeowners who finance the system are expected to save over 45 percent immediately, at no upfront cost.

The company is actively searching for locations for its first Long Island operations center and is hiring for positions in installation, sales, and associated roles.



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