UK Geothermal Firm Launches in US With Focus on Texas

CeraPhi Energy, a fully integrated geothermal development company, has incorporated in the United States and is targeting Texas, among other major geothermal prospect areas in the US.
UK Geothermal Firm Launches in US With Focus on Texas
Courtesy of CeraPhi Energy

CeraPhi Energy’s mission is to unlock heat underground to deliver sustainable, continuous and totally green 24/7 baseload energy under a “plug and play” scalable technology platform.

CeraPhi will use its patented technology, innovation and best practices from its oil and gas experience to fill the gap in renewables between wind, solar and other green energy production and help complete the sustainable energy picture.

Its new base in Houston, Texas, puts it at the center of a high-growth region where more than 6,200 oil and gas wells lie abandoned, representing a significant environmental and economic liability on companies.

CeraPhi's patented and trademarked CeraPhiWell™, a closed loop vertical, long-life, cost-effective technology, draws heat up from old wells, extending well life and generating clean energy for decades.

The business' focus is on heat transfer and the geothermal ‘cascade’, creating efficient off-grid energy solutions like heating and cooling for cities and districts, replacing coal and gas-fired electrical production.

Repurposing old wells removes the need for costly plug and abandonment and decommissioning while supporting clean energy transition and the decarbonization of sites through co-generation.

CeraPhi Energy CEO Karl Farrow, who has more than 30 years' oil and gas experience, said: “We are extremely excited to introduce our expertise and technology in the US.

"Our pipeline of projects currently covers the UK, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America, and we are viewing the US as a high growth region for the business.

“Geothermal is cost-effective, secure and independent, off-grid and on-grid.

“It is never dependent on weather or influenced by external energy prices so it has a key role in the ongoing energy transition. It should be embraced by all if we are to achieve zero carbon baseload energy for electric, heat, cooling and other essential purposes,” he said.

The geothermal cascade can also provide solutions for hydrogen production, power distribution and EV charging networks, among others.

Studies indicate that there are as many as four million abandoned wells in the US and Canada, and that methane emissions from these wells are a significantly underestimated environmental concern.

CeraPhi technology can help resolve the environmental issues and turn the wells into productive sources of heat, cooling and electricity.

“CeraPhi geothermal applications will create independent energy resources and create jobs in a rapidly transitioning industry,” Farrow said.

CeraPhi Energy’s CeraPhiPro™, a process management technology, coordinates project activity and operational technology, de-risking and offering proven delivery of geothermal development activity.

“We recognize the unprecedented nature of what has occurred in Texas in the last few weeks, and are eager to be part of the solution.

"Geothermal energy is clean baseload and non-interruptible. It creates jobs, provides economic benefit, resilience and independence. We are confident that deploying geothermal options will dramatically strengthen Texas’s role as a leading global energy producer,” Farrow concluded.

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