Greenbyte raises 5 million euros from Korys

Belgian investment firm Korys has invested an additional 5 million Euro in the Swedish renewable energy software company Greenbyte.
Greenbyte raises 5 million euros from Korys
Courtesy of Greenbyte

Greenbyte provides a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) platform to owners and operators of renewable energy assets around the world. To date, the platforms Breeze and Bright have supported 13 GWs of wind and solar assets, powering more than 7 million households with renewable energy. The new investment by Korys provides capital that will be used to further intensify Greenbyte’s product development and expansion. The company will package Breeze and Bright under one overarching service offering called the Greenbyte Energy Cloud, under which other renewable energy technologies such as hydro and energy storage will find a home in the near future.

The capital will also be used to finalise the development and commercialisation of Greenbyte’s new predictive analytics services, based on a deep understanding of renewable energy data, renewable energy technologies and data science.

“Even though we are experiencing a strong interest for our services and products globally, the opportunity to extend our offering and meet unmet needs of our customers remains huge” said co-founder and CEO Jonas Corné. “We look forward to strengthen our leadership in innovation and user experience within the rapidly growing field of enabling technologies for renewable energy”.

Brieuc de Hults, senior investment manager at Korys, added that Greenbyte will become one of the leaders and one of the most successful companies in the renewable energy segment, especially with the new predictive analytics services. In a market where subsidies are decreasing or simply disappearing, predictive analytics and intelligent insights will be key to create and capture additional value.

Image: Greenbyte

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