Solar Energy UK backs energy sector call for Government action on net zero

Solar Energy UK has joined forces with fellow UK energy trade associations representing networks, generators, retailers and the supply chain to urge the Government to seize the opportunity to deliver a green economic recovery and build on Britain’s emerging reputation as a leader in renewable energy.
Solar Energy UK backs energy sector call for Government action on net zero

Among the group’s key asks is a call for “clear, ambitious targets for the full breadth of renewable technologies, with a robust framework for delivery – 40 GW offshore wind, 40 GW of solar, 30 GW of onshore wind, 2 GW of floating wind, 5 GW of green hydrogen electrolyser capacity, and 1 GW of marine energy” by 2030.

The 40 GW solar target aligns with the recommendations of the Climate Change Committee on delivering a net zero economy. Analysis of the changes to Government policy required to deliver this level of PV capacity will be published by Solar Energy UK next week.

“The Government is now hearing of the need to ramp up its ambition for solar and other renewables from across the wider energy sector” said Solar Energy UK Chief Executive Chris Hewett. “The UK cannot build a net zero economy without clean, affordable power, and a resilient, low-carbon electricity grid needs a mix of proven renewable technologies to keep the lights on.”

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