Aldelano Solar to provide water and power to hurricane-devastated Caribbean nations

Aldelano Solar will provide off-grid relief to hurricane-devastated Antigua, Barbuda and British Virgin Islands in the form of solar products that can produce drinking water and power. 
Aldelano Solar to provide water and power to hurricane-devastated Caribbean nations

Aldelano Solar is also engaged in discussions with Puerto Rico to provide products that can deliver clean drinking water and power generation. The company is already shipping similar products to Antiqua, Barbuda and British Virgin Islands. The designs can bring relief and provide infrastructure by supplying clean drinking water, refrigeration/freezing cold storage [to avoid food waste], and renewable power to any village or entire community.

The company’s WaterMaker solution can produce 16,000 servings of water per day by gathering moisture from the air and generating solar energy. It is one of six designs by Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions which will be unveiled at an Open House, Blue Carpet Celebration in Jackson, Tennessee, on January 22-23, 2018. The Solar PowePak/Generator can power up to seven households while the Solar BackPack can be connected to an existing insulated room to provide solar-powered refrigeration and freezing.

The company is now in the process of shipping several Solar Coldboxes, PowerPaks and nearly 100 Solar WaterMakers to Antiqua, Barbuda and British Virgin Islands following a visit by company founder Al Hollingsworth.

Other countries, such as Nigeria, Liberia and Angola, fighting humanitarian disasters, have placed orders with Aldelano to offer people access to clean water and power. In 2017, United Nations coordinator, Stephen O’ Brien issued a plea for help to avoid a catastrophe, saying “the world is facing its greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945, with more than 20 million people across four countries in Africa and the Middle East facing starvation and famine.” 

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