By building a second factory, GAF Energy can ramp up production of its solar roof, create more American jobs, and enter a new region in the U.S., ultimately helping them reach their goal of energy from every roof. 

Immediately following product launch earlier this year, GAF Energy received a record number of homeowner and roofer inquiries for Timberline Solar™—and the pace does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. This new facility will increase the company's manufacturing capacity by 500% and bring total production of the solar shingle to 300 megawatts annually, making GAF Energy the largest producer of solar roofing in the world. 

Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy, said, “The response from both consumers and roofers to our Timberline Solar roof has been tremendous and we’re thrilled to be expanding capacity to meet that growing demand.

“We launched Timberline Solar because we believed that more consumers would choose solar if they had a more reliable, durable, and attractive option. The market has confirmed our belief—now we’re turning that belief into reality and building the future of clean energy here in the U.S.” 

Georgetown is a hub in Texas and the fastest growing city in the country, which will give GAF Energy access to the increasing talent in the area. Once construction is complete, the 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility will result in more than 260 new U.S.-based, clean energy manufacturing jobs operating in shifts 24/7. 

Additionally, Georgetown is a supporter of GAF Energy’s vision for energy from every roof.

“Georgetown has a long track record as a clean energy leader, so it is the perfect home for us to build the future of solar,” said DeBono. It was the first large-sized city to go 100% renewable, so GAF Energy will be using clean energy to make clean energy. 

GAF Energy has felt a warm welcome by the leaders of Georgetown, in anticipation of facility construction.

“We are pleased GAF Energy selected Georgetown as their destination for their facility,” Georgetown Mayor Josh Schroeder said. “Their innovative product is one that will change the market as we know it, and we are excited that it will be developed here in our backyard.”

GAF Energy’s first manufacturing facility, in San Jose, California, was completed and began production last year.