Huawei Launches Smart PV Safety Box

Huawei has launched the Huawei Smart PV Safety Box for the European and Australian markets. The Smart PV Safety Box provides support for both partial and full optimizer PV systems.
Huawei Launches Smart PV Safety Box
Courtesy of Huawei

Steven Zhou, General Manager of Huawei Smart PV Business Residential Solution, commented, “Huawei Smart PV Safety Box is a perfect example of how Huawei FusionHome delivers smarter energy for a better life. In addition to offering enhanced protection for our customers and their assets, it enables greater monitoring of both full and partial optimizer solutions, providing customers with more control over their smart home energy system.”

Huawei Smart PV Safety Box is fully compatible with Huawei FusionHome’s flexible system design which accommodates the use of PV optimizers on selected modules that may have shading or a different rooftop orientation. The product also enables Power Line Communication with optimizers, resulting in high-speed communications across the PV system.

Huawei Smart PV Safety Box has been developed to the IP65 protection rating standard and rigorously tested for outdoor use.

The real-time monitoring and management allows for the system’s high performance to be maintained and any issues to be identified and resolved quickly.


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