Lightsource bp announces a 1.4GW global purchase agreement with Array Technologies

Lightsource bp has entered into a purchase agreement with Array Technologies that will supply Lightsource bp’s newly developed solar portfolio of 1.4 GW across the world with DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis solar trackers equipped with plant optimizing SmarTrackTM technology.
Lightsource bp announces a 1.4GW global purchase agreement with Array Technologies
Courtesy of Lightsource bp

Once constructed and connected, this newly added solar capacity will generate enough combined renewable electricity to power over 266,000 households. Lightsource bp expects the agreement to supply and optimise this portfolio of solar power generation projects across growing energy markets worldwide, including the United States, Australia, and Spain.

DuraTrack HZ v3 is a utility-scale solar tracker that aims to deliver lower lifetime costs for asset owners and lower lifetime operations and maintenance costs. SmarTrack is an advanced machine-learning software platform that boosts energy production and revenues for utility-scale solar sites and securely optimising backtracking and diffuse light strategies.

The agreement builds on a previous deal between Lightsource bp and Array Technologies reached in December of 2019, an agreement of over $100 million for 1.5 GW of projects across the US.

“As we continue to grow and progress our 16 GW development pipeline, executing global procurement deals with world class suppliers like Array Technologies enables us to leverage the efficiencies of our scale” said Nick Boyle, Group CEO for Lightsource bp. “This approach further optimises our projects and translates into competitively priced electricity for our customers. Our agreement with Array Technologies demonstrates the quality of partnerships Lightsource bp invests in”.

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