National CORE and Everyday Energy Partner to Provide 5,000 Low Income Residents with Solar

National Community Renaissance (National CORE), one of the largest nonprofit community builders in the US, will develop and construct 2.3 MW of solar energy in several affordable housing properties in California. This program will provide clean, reliable energy and reduce or eliminate energy costs for more than 5,000 National CORE residents.
National CORE and Everyday Energy Partner to Provide 5,000 Low Income Residents with Solar

“National CORE is committed to our resident’s quality of life and the affordability of our homes,” said Dan Lorraine, Senior Vice President of Property Management for National CORE. “There are a lot of reasons to go solar – cost savings for low-income residents, a commitment to a sustainable future, increased value for our investors. At the end of the day it’s a good business decision and the right thing to do.”

National CORE has contracted with Everyday Energy and Omni Energy, California developers of multifamily affordable housing solar, to develop, install and finance the solar projects. Everyday/ Omni offers its Solar Access Platform across multiple affordable housing programs and markets designed to provide the benefits of solar directly to owners and residents through the use of solar rebates, tax equity and debt.  

With more than 10 years of industry experience, Everyday Energy has championed the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (“SOMAH”) Program that provides up to $1 billion in incentives for solar on affordable housing in California.

In addition to the economic benefits, these systems will remove 50,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere, the equivalent of planting two million trees, and will provide job training across multiple communities. 

“It’s clear from the latest round of devastating fires that climate change is now,” said Tanguy Serra, Omni Energy’s CFO. “Unfortunately, we see the impacts of climate change affecting the most vulnerable among us. If we want to see sustainable change, we have to serve all communities and leave no one behind physically or economically.”

All projects will be installed in 2019. 

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