New tool allows for calculation of value of existing PV installations

Berlin-based companies Solarpraxis AG and Milk the Sun have developed an online calculator for determining the current sales value of existing PV installations.
New tool allows for calculation of value of existing PV installations

The free of charge calculator is applicable to installations in countries all over the world, and accounts for various parameters such as the installation’s age, first interconnection date, and behind the meter consumption.

It shows sales prices for various rates of return based on the intended date of sale. Milk the Sun and Solarpraxis have developed the calculator jointly.

“When reselling an installation after a couple of years in operation, obtaining a reliable sales value is often problematic” said Felix Krause, the CEO of Milk the Sun.

“Many factors determine a plant’s sale valuation. After the feed-in-tariff, operation costs and energy dissipation of an installation, an important role is also played by tax deductions, financing costs and the current rate of inflation,” Krause said.

These and further factors are included by the online calculator in the determination of sales value and rate of return. With the help of this tool, an installation seller can run simulations on how the price of the installation varies depending on the time when it would be sold and other factors.

“This calculator offers sellers and buyers an initial, objective reference point for sales valuations of solar installations. It is especially interesting for larger plants,” said Alexander Woitas, manager of the engineering department at Solarpraxis AG. “Ultimately, solar plant valuation needs to be determined individually. Comprehensive and technical testing of the installation is necessary for establish the exact sales price.”

Through the calculator’s online portal, PV system owners can request a free of charge offer for solar installation testing. Owners can also list their installations free of charge through the portal.

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Solarpraxis AG and Milk the Sun Online-Calculator

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