STracker’s Elevated PV Brings Community Solar to Ashland

An elevated 34kW community solar tracker installation was just completed at ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum as a kickoff project for Ashland Community Solar.  ACS is developing 10 200kW community solar rooftop systems in Ashland, Oregon, and founding a community solar co-op to distribute the power produced. 
STracker’s Elevated PV Brings Community Solar to Ashland
Courtesy of STracker

ACS chose three of STracker’s Model S1B 11.2kW elevated dual axis tracking system for their optimal solar harvest efficiency and platform elevation which keeps equipment out of reach while allowing continued use of the ground below.Each of the three 11.2kW STrackers sports 28 400kW LG modules that send 600V DC power to a Fronius inverter. STrackers follow the sun to harvest  40 percent more solar energy than fixed or rooftop. 

The community solar projects utilize federal tax credits, grants and the city’s virtual net metering to allocate the power produced to Ashland Electric customer monthly bills. Future phase plans for the site include more STrackers, EV charging stations, an electric shuttle bus and microgrid storage.  


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