Tesla begins taking orders for its solar roof tile systems

Tesla has begun accepting deposits for its new solar roof system, offering an "infinity" warranty for tiles that integrate solar power into roof coverings.
Tesla begins taking orders for its solar roof tile systems

The sales started Wednesday and are open to consumers worldwide through the Tesla solar roof website.

Installations will begin next month in the U.S., starting with California. Installations outside the U.S. will begin next year, the company said.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the glass roof tiles last year, just before the company merged with solar panel manufacturer SolarCity.

As evidenced from the company website, the tiles are designed to look like a traditional roof, and come in a variety of styles.

Shades of Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs, Musk said that traditional solar panels deployed on homes have an aesthetic problem -- they simply look industrial.

He said he believes there's a market for better looking solar panels, and that the more the tiles compliment the home, the more readily homeowners will embrace solar power.

."When you have this installed on your house, you'll have the best roof in the neighborhood. The aesthetics are that good," Musk said in a conference call with media.

The roof is guaranteed for the life of the home, which is longer than the 20-year lifespan for a typical, non-solar roof, Musk said.

The company said the tiles will cost $42 per square foot to install. However, it also says it will offer a cheaper non-solar tile for homeowners who only want to deploy the solar tiles on part of their residence.

Tesla's website includes a calculator where potential buyers can estimate the cost of a solar roof based on the size of their home, the amount of sunlight their neighborhood receives and federal tax credits.

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