Enterprize Energy to work with Tractebel Overdick on pioneering offshore wind concept

Offshore wind developer Enterprize Energy has announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with offshore wind engineering company Tractebel Overdick in order to deliver Enterprize Energy’s ‘Energy Plus’ vision for future offshore wind projects.
Enterprize Energy to work with Tractebel Overdick on pioneering offshore wind concept

Offshore wind projects will increasingly be a key driver in the global race to decarbonise energy supplies. At the heart of Enterprize Energy’s ‘Energy Plus’ vision is an opportunity to develop an offshore wind driven, platform-based, system that facilitates the delivery of power to the grid, while using associated technologies to drive the production of green hydrogen and ammonia – both essential contributions to decarbonising domestic and industrial heating, or maritime transport.

The contract with Tractebel Overdick, which has a long heritage in offshore energy engineering, will see both firms deliver on the prototypical design for a platform that enables multiple energy outputs, including clean power to the grid, green hydrogen to the gas grid, and ammonia exported via tankers.

“The enormous structural challenges that are faced globally as we begin to deliver on decarbonising our energy, heat and transport can only be met through continued innovation” said Ian Hatton, Chief Executive Officer, Enterprize Energy. “At Enterprize, it is our founding vision and firm belief that moving into the next phase of innovation must see the intelligent harnessing of renewable energy technologies, particularly offshore wind, to help meet the decarbonisation challenge in other sectors.   By necessity, we must deliver new platform technologies over and above the project designs that are in operation and planning in the established markets. We see the future of offshore wind as a backbone technology that will deliver multi-faceted benefits – not just in the diverse outputs that are possible from deploying generated capacity for alternative bi-products, but in ensuring that the benefits can be equally secured in new markets to help drive sustainable growth and new economic opportunities more widely.”

Andreas Rosponi, Managing Director, Tractebel Overdick, added that, through a long heritage in offshore energy and maritime engineering, the company has recognised that there are a host of different technological opportunities that are still to emerge and that by partnering with a pioneer like Enterprize Energy, the company can start to deliver upon a new ambition for offshore wind projects.

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