Phase 1 of Chad’s Amdjarass wind farm now complete

The first phase of Vergnet’s Amdjarass wind farm in Chad has now been completed and work is progressing on the second phase.
Phase 1 of Chad’s Amdjarass wind farm now complete

The first phase of the project was completed in February and with commencement of the second phase of construction, commissioning is now expected in December. The wind farm is located in the East of Chad and consists of four GEV MP 275kW turbines which are now supplying electricity to the city of Amdjarass.

Phase two of the project, the electrification phase, is currently underway and consists of installing energy storage, two generators and a transmission line. The second phase will see the wind farm combined with a large capacity ESS (Energy Storage System). The grid will utilise Vergnet’s Hybrid Wizard™ which will maximise fuel savings in the remote region by allowing the diesel generators to be switched off during extended periods of time and ensuring a secure energy supply.

When the project has been completed, Amdjarass will become the first city in Chad to be fully powered by renewable energy.

The grid forming tool took three years of research to create and this will be the first project to utilise the technology. Amdjarass wind farm has been developed in line with the grid operators to improve the quality, availability and economic performance of its renewable energy plants.

Vergnet has over 25 years’ experience working in challenging and remote locations and has many successful projects across the globe. The company’s project in West Africa, at the Nouadhibou Wind Farm in Mauritania, is the largest wind farm in sub-Saharan Africa to date. It is located in Ashegoda and consists of 16 Vergnet GEV MP-C turbines generating 4.4 MW of power.

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