Suzlon Group announces completion of S111 turbine testing

Global renewable energy provider Suzlon Group has announced the completion of Type T testing and certification of its S111 turbine for 50 Hz and 60 Hz variants.
Suzlon Group announces completion of S111 turbine testing

The testing was carried out by an accredited independent third-party testing agency while the certification was awarded by TUV NORD. The certification recognises conformity with standards and regulations for the design, testing and manufacturing of the S111 turbine and also meets the grid regulations in India.

Suzlon’s 2.1 MW turbines currently represent more than 7350 MW of global installed capacity. The S111 has been designed to offer the highest possible safety standards at lowest lifecycle cost, thereby helping to drive down the cost of energy for consumers. The turbine has a rotor diameter of 111.8 metres and a swept area of more than 9,500 square metres, giving it one of the highest yields in its class. It has also achieved approximately 102 percent of its design power curve, delivering higher than projected power generation with improved returns for customers.   

“This is the third consecutive blade program where the certified performance has exceeded our design goals” said Mr Duncan Koerbel, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Suzlon Energy. “This is a tribute to our multinational R&D teams in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the USA and India. Our aerodynamics and system design capabilities continue to improve, leading to better annual energy production (AEP) of wind power plants. The 2.1 MW platform currently has more than 3,500 turbines installed in 17 countries, with over 92,253,180 operating hours. The new blade has been designed to optimally harness available wind, delivering nearly 20 percent higher energy as compared to the S97, thereby ensuring higher ROI to customers.”

Mr. Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, Suzlon Group, added that the result is a testament to the company’s ability to build on its vast global operating experience and that Suzlon Group has continuously evolved its technology and products to deliver ever-improving returns to customers. The S111 has been specially designed for low wind sites in the US and India.

Suzlon Group has an international presence across 19 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America and an operational track record stretching over two decades. It has a cumulative installation of approximately 15 GW of wind energy capacity, a workforce of over 8,000, a low-cost manufacturing base and strong in-house R&D facilities in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and India. Approximately 9 GW has been installed in India, making up around 37 percent of the country’s wind installations and positioning Suzlon as the largest player in the Indian wind sector. The company is based in Pune, India.

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