New Starling Jet Can Take Off Like a Helicopter

UK-based Samad Aerospace has developed a hybrid-electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) business jet that has a range of 1500 miles and can carry up to 10 people. Named the Starling Jet, it has a top speed of 460 miles per hour and is capable of taking off from an area as small as a helipad.
New Starling Jet Can Take Off Like a Helicopter

It is fully electric during take-off and landing, and flights over urban areas, while using conventional diesel turbofan engine propulsion during high altitude cruising.

The company unveiled its Starling Jet at the Singapore Air Show held this week. Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Teo Chee Hean expressed his interest in getting Singapore's participation in the Starling Jet project and being part of the technology’s development.

Samad’s fleet also includes two fully electric aircraft; the UAV Starling and the e-Starling. Both are smaller than the Starling Jet and have ranges from 100-400 miles.

According to a timeline on the company’s website, the aircraft is due for first delivery in 2024. CNBC is reporting the Starling Jet has secured three orders so far from customers in Asia, which include a bank, an investment foundation and a shipping company.

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