Imergy scores again with a new energy storage project at a California arts centre

Imergy Power Systems has hit the news again, this time with a vanadium flow battery installation at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Centre in California.  The centre will be installing an Imergy ESP30 series vanadium flow battery as part of its new clean energy system. The 30 kilowatt/120 kilowatt-hour ESP30 battery will be working in conjunction with a SunEdison 59 kW PV solar power system and EOS software provided by Geli. Imergy is one of the main companies in the forefront of developing and supplying vanadium redox flow batteries, which are proving to be cheaper and more effective than other forms of energy storage, particularly for large power plants. Imergy’s President, Tim Hennessey, talks to REM again to tell us a bit more about it.
Imergy scores again with a new energy storage project at a California arts centre

Tell me a bit more about the system Imergy will install at the Livermore Performing Arts Centre

Imergy is installing a 30 kilowatt/120 kilowatt-hour ESP30 battery, working in conjunction with a SunEdison 59 kilowatt PV solar power system and Geli’s Energy Operating System software.  It will enable the arts center to interface with the grid and their solar installation to optimise and reduce peak demand, lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve energy resiliency. 

What predicted reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will this installation help to achieve?

With the new system, the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center expects to generate approximately 85 megawatt hours of clean energy per year. Using calculations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Power Profiler and Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator websites, this clean energy will help the arts center reduce its annual greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 56,800 pounds of carbon dioxide, an amount equivalent to the:

Annual greenhouse gas emissions from 5.4 passenger cars.

Carbon dioxide emissions associated with burning 27,674 pounds of coal.

Carbon dioxide emissions associated with consuming 59.9 barrels of oil.

Is this the first time Imergy has worked with Geli or have you partnered with them before?

Imergy has partnered with GELI on multiple projects, including a recently commissioned project with the US Navy in Southern California. GELI's operating system does an excellent job of acting as an intermediary between Imergy's ESP, a solar installation, and the grid to fine-tune the system's integration.

Why did you choose them specifically?

Their software has a lot of flexibility and it’s able to be adapted for the different types of energy storage.

GELI offers a high degree of flexibility to fit a wide variety of energy storage applications. Energy storage acts as both a technical and financial solution, and GELI's system enhances the value of our ESP by strategically managing it's charge/discharge strategy to lower costs for the end-user.

What else is Imergy doing at the moment?

We are making fast progress in Africa and India at the moment. In India we are installing products presently and expect to have more than 200 ESP5 units installed before the end of the year. We are doing a lot of work in South Africa replacing expensive diesel generator installations with our systems. In addition, we are installing units in Hawaii as well to address their expensive grid pricing. Our product's flexible scaling makes it a great fit for a wide variety of markets.

Imergy Power specialises in the supply of proprietary, vanadium-based flow battery systems, which Imergy claims are the most cost-effective energy storage technologies available. Flow batteries store energy in a liquid electrolyte that circulates between tanks. It’s a very simple design which creates a robust and efficient system that may be cycled an unlimited number of times without impact on its lifespan. The systems are in turn managed by integrated power electronics which govern the charging and discharging processes. This in turn provides customers with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than other types of batteries. The unique architecture also allows available energy from the system to be scaled up in size by simply increasing the electrolyte volumes. Vanadium flow batteries will also last longer. Lithium ion batteries may have to be fully replaced every five to seven years while an ESP system needs only component replacements to achieve 20 years or more of service.

Imergy Power Systems is headquartered in Fremont, California, USA, with additional operations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The Company’s investors include venture capital firms NEA, Technology Partners, and Blue Run.

Geli, short for Growing Energy Labs, Inc., provides software and business solutions to design, integrate, network, and economically operate energy storage and microgrid systems. At its core, the Geli EOS (Energy Operating System) is a software platform that networks distributed energy assets, such as energy storage, on-site generation, EV charging infrastructure, and building controls to optimize system operations and provide low-cost, secure energy to customers. Geli has projects deployed and in development in C&I demand management, commercial and military microgrids, municipal solar & EV charging, and multi-family buildings. Geli is headquartered in San Francisco, California. 

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