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AW-Energy Oy moves into new offices as wave energy surges forward

Finnish wave energy technology company AW-Energy Oy (AWE) has opened a new office in Vantaa, Finland in order to support its ambitious growth plans.
AW-Energy Oy moves into new offices as wave energy surges forward
Rune & Berg architects impression. Courtesy of AWE

The new facility includes a 1,200 square metre innovation centre and test facility and has been designed to support the commercialisation and delivery of WaveRoller projects scheduled for 2021. The move to larger premises located at Tikkurilantie 10, 01380 Vantaa, Finland, provides scope for AWE’s continued growth ambitions, and represents a clear demonstration of the company's commitment to the global renewables industry in the development of wave energy.

“We are preparing for the upcoming surge in wave energy” said Christopher Ridgewell, CEO of AWE. “Our relocation to this larger facility is an investment for the future and Finland's future as a key contributor in the development of sustainable wave energy technology. We are fully committed to supporting the renewables sector and in our global energy operations with the technical expertise available here in Finland. Our core capability at AWE is built around the development of technology that can be deployed offshore to support commercially viable wave energy. It is an extremely bright future for wave energy not just for Finland but across the EU and globally.”

The site at Tikkurilantie 10 provides research and development, and an extensive portfolio of engineering expertise, as well as demonstration, test and conference facilities. It will help the company advance its technical and project management support for wave energy projects in EU, Asia and across the US, as more energy operators look to wave energy to provide stable and sustainable energy provision to supplement low carbon power generation sectors of wind and solar.

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