GenCell publishes white paper on hydrogen-based fuel cells

Israeli-based GenCell, a manufacturer of fuel-cell-based power solutions, has released a white paper entitled “The Big Deal About Fuel Cells.”  The paper discusses hydrogen-based fuel cell technologies and why fuel cell power solutions can be an excellent source of backup energy.  
GenCell publishes white paper on hydrogen-based fuel cells

In 2015, grid failures cost an estimated $110 billion to the US economy. For companies in the utility, telecom, homeland security, healthcare and niche industrial markets, the high business costs of electrical failure necessitate backup power solutions that are reliable and easy to operate.

Fuel cells are extremely efficient, require minimal water consumption, and offer a near-zero emission energy generation option. They’re scalable and quiet, making them perfect for integration into large central power plants or local microgrids.

Topics covered in the white paper include:

  • What is a fuel cell?
  • Types of fuel cells
  • Hydrogen safety
  • The need for backup power
  • The GenCell advantage


“Fuel cells are a hot topic and the publication of our white paper is designed to educate the market about fuel cells in general and to highlight the benefits of our alkaline fuel cell solution for backup energy,” explains Rami Reshef, CEO of GenCell. “The cost breakthroughs associated with our patented alkaline fuel cell technology will enable us to deliver fuel cell power solutions that are affordable for the mainstream. Our 5 kW backup power solutions overcome the significant weaknesses of other clean technologies such as solar and wind, while also overcoming legacy solutions based on batteries and diesel generators.”

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