Ingeteam Reaches 50 GW in Supply of Power Converters for Renewable Energy Plants

Ingeteam has reached the milestone of 50 GW in the supply of power converters for renewable energy plants. To obtain the same amount of power from coal, it would be necessary to burn 36 million tons of coal which would have emitted 110 million tons of carbon dioxide.
Ingeteam Reaches 50 GW in Supply of Power Converters for Renewable Energy Plants
Courtesy of Ingeteam

In terms of energy, the 50 GW figure is the equivalent to the annual consumption of 28 million households and comes from the sum of the power converters delivered to the wind, solar and energy storage sectors.

In the wind power sector, Ingeteam holds the leadership position as the world's largest manufacturer of wind power converters, with a global market share of 8 percent. The company has sold more than 10 GW in only two years. In the solar sector, the company has closed 2017 with 1.44 GW of PV and battery inverters, strengthening its position as one of the leading manufacturers in Latin America and EMEA.

Moreover, Ingeteam has a portfolio of more than 12 GW, while its automated solutions for power generation plants has grown to 3 GW.

Furthermore, to date, Indar, as part of the Ingeteam group, has supplied more than 30 GW in generators for the wind power and hydropower sectors.

This boom in renewable energy generation plants is not momentary, but is a growing global trend. The change in the energy model to green energies is now a reality. This is partly due to society's growing awareness of the need to combat the high levels of greenhouse gas emissions and the global warming of the planet. In this respect, the transition to a clean and sustainable energy generation model is as important as the change to a transport and mobility network that is also clean and sustainable. In this area, Ingeteam also manufactures e-vehicle charging points and has already supplied more than 3,000 units.

Breakdown of cumulative data

 -       50 GW in power converters (wind, solar PV and storage).

-       12 GW in O&M services for RE plants.

-       3 GW in automated equipment for RE plants.

-       3,000 e-vehicle recharging points.

-       30 GW in wind power and hydropower generators.

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