Another Ciel & Terre Floating Solar Plant Constructed in Japan

A  2.7 MW floating solar farm, constructed with Ciel & Terre’s Hydrelio® technology, was recently successfully grid-connected in Kobe City, Japan. Involved in the project were the Energy Bank Japan (EBJ), an Osaka Gas Company subsidiary, and JFE Plant Engineering Corporation, as an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) provider.
Another Ciel & Terre Floating Solar Plant Constructed in Japan
Courtesy of Ciel & Terre

Japan has a great potential to utilize floating solar. Hyoshiga Ike represents 2.7 MW additional to the 128 MW already implemented in the country by Ciel & Terre. Owned by EBJ and constructed by JFE Plant Engineering, the plant provides electricity for utility use, and benefits from feed-in tariffs to continue to make people aware of the technology and promote floating solar.

Hyoshiga Ike should generate 3,138,474 kWh of electricity per year while reducing CO2 emissions up to 163 T.

JFE and EBJ are two well-known stakeholders on the Japanese floating solar market working with Ciel & Terre. JFE  was one of the first customers to apply a floating solar system at an early stage (Maeno Ike, 2014).

Hyoshiga Ike is the eigth project issued by the collaboration of JFE, EBJ and Ciel & Terre, and the third in the zone. The three plants altogether account for 5.12 MW.

The five-year joint effort of these three companies in favor of floating solar serves the promotion of this proven eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution, which reliability and bankability are recognized in Japan.

Hyoshiga Ike’s floating solar farm lies on an irrigation pond, meaning that the water contained in the reservoir is used to water plantations. This requires using non-toxic materials for the technology, which Hydrelio® does.

Hyoshiga Ike’s floating PV plant is actually installed above a historical spot, a shrine for the good harvest, which uncovers when water level goes down. This area is a place of worship since it is a cultural symbol for all the local farmers. So, a gap was designed on purpose by Ciel & Terre so that this sacred zone is left free. Ciel & Terre's Hydrelio® preserves both agriculture  and culture.

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