Beauty Retailer Goes Solar with Yellow Door Energy

Yellow Door Energy, has commissioned a solar plant for Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group (KOJ) in Dubai Investments Park (DIP). The solar plant will generate 7,100 MWh of clean energy in the 20-year lease duration.
Beauty Retailer Goes Solar with Yellow Door Energy
Courtesy of Yellow Door Energy

Hisham Al Amoudi, Chief Executive Officer of KOJ, commented, “As a retailer with nearly 700 stores in seven countries, we are always looking for creative ways to reduce both our operational costs and environmental footprint. Solar leasing helps us achieve both objectives.”

Jeremy Crane, CEO and Co-Founder of Yellow Door Energy, added, "As a Dubai-based solar developer, we are proud to do our part to contribute to the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.”

As the solar lease provider, Yellow Door Energy invested in, designed, constructed, commissioned and will operate and maintain the solar plant for the duration of the lease. Solar leasing is gaining popularity among industrial building owners who want to reduce energy costs without any upfront investment or operational risk, while maintaining focus on their core business and enjoying the benefits of clean energy.


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