Nissan Promotes Solar Power 

Owners of the new Nissan LEAF in Japan can receive free installation of solar panels for their homes if they sign up for an electricity retail plan offered by Ecosystem Japan, which describes itself as  “a leading company in industrial photovoltaic power generation.”
Nissan Promotes Solar Power 
2018 Nissan LEAF

This campaign is targeting customers living in the Kanto region and runs until the end of March 2018. To qualify, owners of the new Nissan LEAF must sign up for Ecosystem Japan’s Jibun Denryoku plan and are required to continue on the plan for 20 years. When the contract expires, ownership of the solar power generation system will be transferred to the LEAF owners for free. Ecosystem Japan will bear installation and maintenance costs during the contract period.

New LEAF owners who sign up for Ecosystem’s Jibun Denryoku plan can also get a discount on a plan called the Daytime Assist Plan. Participants are encouraged to charge their LEAFs during the day using electricity from their solar panels, or at night when demand for grid power is lower.

The offer is part of a joint campaign by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Ecosystem Japan.

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