PV Energy USA Goes Virtual

Join over 5000 professionals at PV Energy USA 2020 digital conference to learn smarter asset management, operations & maintenance and strategies to maximize the lifetime and value of PV assets. Solar PV Energy is a well-developed sector, and continues to be the fastest growing source of renewable energy within the US.
PV Energy USA Goes Virtual
The future is about pushing Solar PV even further to reach its full potential to being America’s #1 source of energy. Although many projects are still entering into development, most are in operational phases, and the challenges faced post development are the reason why assets are not reaching their optimum value.
PV Energy USA tackles the key issues and the different ways to manage assets using the best proactive tools available for your portfolio. The event has been tailored for owner operators, asset owners and asset managers, investors and data and tech driven companies and through providing strategic panel discussions, case study examples and practical solutions.

The issues and opportunities that will be highlighted at Reuters Events: PV Energy USA can be separated into two key areas – technology and financial – they discuss high level strategic topic such as the impacts of tax changes, navigating road blocks from the government, solar + battery storage, cyber security, end of life management, portfolio acquisitions, bifacial modules, and new data driven technologies available in the market.   

Through a live stream, and a on-demand hub, PV Energy USA 2020 attendees can expect not only a strategic outlook of global markets but focused high-level discussions on essential topics such as Solar Battery Storage, Cyber-Security, Buying and Selling Portfolios, End of Life Strategies and the operational phase of the solar life cycle.

PV Energy USA Digital is an event led by Asset Owners, for Asset Owners (Utilities, IPPs, Investors). It has an agenda designed to help maximize the value of your operational assets which is both technical and financial in content. Following two days of strategic content and virtual networking opportunities. This is a fast-moving industry with more attention than ever before, stay up to date and secure your piece of the pie.
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