Siemens Gamesa to deliver its D8 platform for offshore wind projects in France

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will deliver its D8 platform for Yeu-Noirmoutier and Dieppe-Le Tréport projects in France
Siemens Gamesa to deliver its D8 platform for offshore wind projects in France

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, through its fully owned subsidiary Adwen France SAS, is to deliver its 8 MW offshore wind turbine, the D8, in two projects off the French coast, at Dieppe-Le Tréport and Yeu-Noirmoutier, with a total of almost 1 GW. The direct drive wind turbine will replace Adwen's AD8 model, which is being discontinued so that the company can focus its sales efforts on just one 8 MW turbine. Further Developments of the technology will be part of the company's comprehensive product portfolio review.

The switch to the D8 platform as the technical solution for the projects being developed by Eoliennes en Mer Iles d'Yeu et Noirmoutier and Eoliennes en Mer Dieppe Le Tréport, has been approved by the French Minister for the Ecological and inclusive transition after review by the Energy regulation Commission (CRE).

Siemens Gamesa has further confirmed that the transition to the D8 will have no impact on Adwen's plans to build two factories in Le Havre, one for nacelles and one for blades, and to collaborate in the development of a local supply chain in France. The company is expecting to create a minimum of 750 new jobs from these projects.

“This decision is a crucial milestone for the French offshore wind industry” said Michael Hannibal, Siemens, Gamesa CEO for Offshore. “Siemens Gamesa will deliver the most popular offshore wind platform and will bring its unmatched experience working in offshore projects. I am convinced this will help the industry take-off and I am happy to see all parties involved, including our customers and the French State, acknowledging the benefits of installing the D8 in thesis projects”.

The D8 8-MW turbine is based on the existing Siemens Gamesa offshore direct drive platform which has an excellent track record. More than 200 direct drive wind turbines in the 6-8- MW class have already been installed and commissioned in offshore wind farms.

The energy production of one Siemens Gamesa 8-MW machine is sufficient to supply approximately 8,000 European households with electricity. The power Supplied on Dieppe-Le Tréport and Yeu-Noirmoutier will be sufficient to cover the annual electricity consumption of close to one million households.

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