Wind farm development benefitting charities

Scottish renewable energy developer Intelligent Land Investments Ltd. announced that its 72  wind turbine developments have already locked in community contributions totalling £635,000 to date.
Wind farm development benefitting charities

Intelligent Land Investments (Renewable Energy) Ltd. is an investment management company which focuses on creating planning gain for renewable energy projects including onshore wind turbines and hydro projects.

 It works with Scottish farmers to achieve planning approval for single wind turbines and run-river developments on their land. Once this is achieved and the site is developed, a guaranteed revenue is created for both the landowner and lease-holder.

 To give something back into the community ILI secures charitable contributions from its revenue flows. Community contributions are taken from the revenue produced by individual turbine developments. Revenue from individual turbines is then contributed to local, small scale charities working within the local area in which the turbine is based.

An index linked contribution is then made from the turbine in every year in which it is in operation. ILI (RE) is proud to be able to support, in the long term, the vital work being done by community support charities on the frontline such as East Renfrewshire Good Causes.

Over the next twenty years community contributions from these completed developments alone could potentially provide nearly two million pounds to community support groups and charities across Scotland. This figure is set to rise as further developments are completed. Through the company’s partnerships with local charities across Scotland these funds will be targeted at vulnerable groups within Scottish communities. This is in addition to the relief that their turbines are providing for Scottish farmers across the country.

Charities such as this are providing vital support to vulnerable people across the nation. East Renfrewshire Good Causes is just one of the many charities that ILI (Renewable Energy) is working with across Scotland.

 “The funding stream derived from the turbines, has given ERGoodCauses the long term stability to build our grass roots operation where benefits flow to every age group within our area," said Russell Macmillan, founder of the East Renfrewshire Good Causes charity.

Whether we are providing Ipads to allow stroke victims, non-verbal autistic kids or Down’s Syndrome adults to communicate, wheelchair power packs to enable a wife to take out her wheelchair bound husband with dementia, or short term hospital transport support to enable a cancer patient to undergo radio therapy, these are a small selection of the many tangible benefits provided to over 1000 individual people in our community so far.

“Small charities like ours, seldom have the reassurance of knowing financial support is being delivered to them over the 20 year community benefit arrangement. This funding is most welcomed and directly supports our attempt to raise the local standard by Loving our Neighbours”

“Intelligent Land Investments (RE) is delighted to be able to help support local businesses and charities across Scotland through our developments and community contributions," said the company's CEO, Mark Wilson. "The renewable energy industry has more to contribute to the nation beyond electricity and ILI (RE) is proud to be playing its part.”

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