Wind Farm in Raahe Completes TuuliWatti’s Extensive Investment Program

TuuliWatti Oy, a leading wind power operator in Finland, has completed its multi-year investment program. The completion of the $782 million investment program is expected to reduce annual energy imports to Finland by approximately $48 million and emission trading costs by approximately $5 million. 
Wind Farm in Raahe Completes TuuliWatti’s Extensive Investment Program

Sarvankangas, which is the last wind farm to be commissioned in the program, brings the company’s production capacity to 1.4 TWhs.

TuuliWatti’s total annual production roughly corresponds to the total electricity consumption of lighting in Finland. The company plans to expand its wind power construction to other Nordic countries.

“We are looking forward to competitive tendering of renewable electricity in Finland, which will reveal the actual production costs of renewable electricity. At the same time, we are preparing for the technology-neutral and market-driven time when different production methods are no longer promoted by subsidies,” stated Jari Suominen, Managing Director at TuuliWatti. He added, “Having completed our extensive investment programme, the natural next step is to expand our operations to other Nordic countries and to Arctic wind power in particular.”

While Arctic wind power is a Nordic strength, to best utilize the increasingly cost-efficient wind power, grid construction requires cross-border cooperation among the Nordic countries. “With Nordic cooperation, we can make sure that we can produce clean renewable energy with lower costs than our competitor countries to support our well-being. In the future, Nordic wind power can also provide energy to all of Europe,” Jari Suominen concludes.

The V126 find turbines installed in Sarvankangas were delivered by Vestas Wind Systems. Their rated power is 3.45 MW and hub height 137 metres.

In accordance with TuuliWatti’s tradition, the new wind turbines will have local namesakes; they will be named after the most recently born local children. TuuliWatti’s wind turbines already have 130 young godparents across Finland.

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Photo courtesy of TuuliWatti 

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