Jordan's Newest Mall is a delight of clean power, energy efficiency

Jordan's news leisure and retail destination, the three-story Abdali Mall, is the first large-scale commercial complex in the country to be built in strict accord with international "green standards," including significant reliance on solar energy and the deployment of several strategies to be resource efficient.

The new, 2.4 million square-foot (227,000-square-meter) mall is the cornerstone to a new business district in the heart of Amman, the nation's capital.

In addition to its inaugural 25 stores, the mall complex will also feature a multiplex cinema, a food court, dining plaza and a supermarket, all served by "natural" natural heating and cooling -- essentially air circulating from underneath building foundations and back into public spaces, recycled water to irrigate small plants and palm trees arrayed throughout the complex, and scores of solar panels.

Jordan annually spends about one-fifth of its budget on imported energy, and it is also one of the world's driest counties. As a result, it has been particularly keen to embrace the green revolution in energy and building and infrastructure design.

Five additional floors below ground house a parking garage that can accommodate up to 2,400 cars, and local material were used in construction of the mall whenever possible.

Mall officials said they plan to apply for green certification from the international Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) after construction is complete. Currently, there are four other LEED-certified buildings in Jordan: the Dutch Embassy, the World Health Organization Regional Office Building, the Arab Technical Group headquarters and the Middle East Insurance Company.

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