Sun Investment Group Calls for “Energy Triangle” to Create Clean and Innovative Renewable Energy Market

Several of the European Union’s member states have already reached their 2020 renewable energy targets, but as a whole it is still 55 percent dependent on imported energy from external supplies.  
Sun Investment Group Calls for “Energy Triangle” to Create Clean and Innovative Renewable Energy Market

By 2050, the EU wishes to run 100 percent on renewable power from itself, and energy experts believe that this goal can be achieved by the creation of a European “Energy Union.” This step would create a single market despite a number of other EU members predicted to not meet their 2020 renewable energy objectives. 

These experts are calling on closer ties among businesses, universities, and institutions within the EU to create a sustainable energy transfer system or “Energy Triangle” as member states make their shift from traditional to renewable energies over the next three decades. 

As a result of opening up the channels of communication between universities and other research institutions such as the European Energy Research Alliance and European Renewable Energy Centers, the EU could improve the amount of data transfer between these bodies, which will ensure a better flow of ideas. 

Furthermore, by adding businesses related to the renewable energy sector, they would be able to share their insights into how better incorporate certain technologies in specific regions within the EU. 

Sun Investment Group (SIG), a Lithuanian-Polish investment firm which has the largest PV portfolio in the Central Eastern Europe region, said, “We believe that public-private partnership is the key to creating an innovative and clean renewable market in Europe. We are willing to share our knowledge of renewable technologies and their installation solutions with other Central Eastern European countries in order to work towards the EU’s energy goal of a common market. Our goal is to create a region free of energy dependence on external supplies.”


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