Nigerian PV project wins African off-grid energy competition

The Green Village Electricity Project (GVEP) has won the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge, an initiative launched by General Electric (GE) and the United States Africa Development Agency (USADF) to deliver off-grid energy to communities not served by existing power grids
Nigerian PV project wins African off-grid energy competition

GVEP was established by Mr Ifeanyi Orajaka with the aim of providing energy solutions to a remote settlement in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria through the deployment of solar panels. The resulting off-grid solar electricity supplies the settlement’s energy needs including basic lighting, power for small gadgets and the provision of electricity for a health centre and water borehole.

Efforts to introduce solar-based power to rural parts of Nigeria, conducted by GVE Projects Ltd, were sponsored by IEEE PES through its Community Solutions Initiative (CSI). GVEP is also supported by The Green Electricity Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by IEEE members from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO). It acts as an advocate for affordable and reliable energy solutions for rural African locations. The idea for the project was originally conceptualized as an entry in the IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition, which recognizes and rewards students who identify a real-world problem and apply engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to solve it.

“GVEP exemplifies the efforts of the IEEE PES Community Solutions Initiative by bringing together engineers to collaborate with other professions to foster development and sustainability in Nigeria” said Robin Podmore, vice president of new initiatives and outreach at IEEE PES. “On behalf of the CSI team and IEEE PES governing board and executive committee, we all congratulate Mr. Ifeanyi Orajaka on the success of the Green Village Electricity Project. However, the true winners are those living in the rural parts of Nigeria who now have solar-based power as a result.”

Noel Schulz, President IEEE PES, explained how CSI brings together a diverse team to use renewable energy and technology to improve the lives of people in remote communities in a sustainable way. It does so by using open-source design and delivery of energy solutions to poor and energy-deprived populations.

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