CoreMarine and CENER Collaborate on Floating Wind

CoreMarine and the National Center for Renewable Energies (CENER) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote engineering services in the marine wind industry sector. The agreement focuses on the design of floating platforms, anchoring and dynamic cable analysis, transport and installation, wind turbine modeling, coupled analysis and integrated scale tests.
CoreMarine and CENER Collaborate on Floating Wind

“This agreement offers integrated engineering services to the floating wind market for the first time from feasibility study, basic design, advanced tank tests and analysis coupled to project execution. This is a priority for the industry and represents significantly strengthening our capabilities in the floating wind sector,” said Carlos Lopez, director of CoreMarine Spain.

Antonio Ugarte, Director of the Wind Energy Department of CENER, added, “Currently it is necessary to implement the latest tools for simulating wind components and validation tests in industrial processes. The alliance between CoreMarine and CENER makes it possible to combine the engineering processes with the most advanced methods for the design, construction, transport and installation of innovative marine wind energy solutions."

Both CoreMarine and CENER have been committed to the development of floating wind for years and have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the design and validation of different technologies. This agreement increases and reinforces the position of both entities and offers added value to this emerging industry.

CoreMarine is an engineering specialist company focused on analysis, design and installation of offshore structures. Founded in 2016, it comprises a team of 14 engineers, has an office in both Spain and Norway and has a presence in projects in Europe and Australia. CENER develops applied research in renewable energies and provides technological support to companies and energy institutions internationally, in six work areas: wind, solar thermal and photovoltaic solar, biomass, energy efficiency and generation in buildings and urban planning, and network integration of energy.


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