CRS and Google partner to advance Asian markets

The non-profit Centre for Resource Solutions (CRS) has announced that Google is to provide foundational support for expansion of renewable energy in Asia
CRS and Google partner to advance Asian markets

The support provided by Google through a seed grant will establish a coalition of stakeholders to expand renewable infrastructure throughout Asia, with initial efforts focused on advancing renewable energy purchasing options in Taiwan. The aim of the collaborative effort, led by CRS, is to explore opportunities to establish robust voluntary renewable energy options for individuals and businesses.

“For 20 years CRS has been assisting policy makers and market participants around the world to support the development of clean energy” said CRS Executive Director Jennifer Martin. “We are excited to collaborate with Google to build an inclusive coalition of stakeholders to advance voluntary renewable energy markets and procurement options in the region.”

Gary Demasi, Director, Google Data Center Energy and Location Strategy, added that the corporation is committed to powering 100 percent of its operations from renewable energy because it makes good business sense. Ensuring that renewable energy is credibly measured and verified is core to creating robust markets that unlock voluntary demand.

CRS has lent its market and policy-development expertise to stakeholders in Asia and Latin America for many years. With the help of Google, CRS is now able to expand accelerate its operations, commencing in Taiwan, where support for renewable energy purchasing options is growing and where many businesses have commercial operations that consume significant amounts of electricity.

The non-profit is also intending to expand its existing Green-e Energy standard to include additional regions beyond North America later this year, following an open stakeholder process in 2016.

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