Activ Solar completes 34.14MWp solar park in Ukraine

The Bolgrad Solar Park will generate energy for more than 10,000 households in and around Odessa
Activ Solar completes 34.14MWp solar park in Ukraine

The Vienna-based solar company Activ Solar has just completed a major PV project in the Odessa region of Southern Ukraine. The 34.14MWp Bolgrad Solar Park is the 5th PV installation the company has developed in the area which has, so far, lacked local electricity generation.

The solar park covers over 63 hectares of land and will produce enough energy to meet the electricity demand of more than 10,000 houses. It consists of 141,812 crystalline solar modules installed on a double mounting system supported by 26 inverters and will produce 41,300 megawatt hours of clean electricity per year saving around 35,000 tons of CO2.

 “The southern region of Ukraine remains particularly attractive for photovoltaic installations because it offers high levels of solar irradiation and has large areas of unutilized land, unsuitable for agricultural purposes” said Kaveh Ertefai, Chief Executive Officer of Activ Solar. “Having a highly skilled local execution team, which supports the development and construction of the solar project pipeline in this area, reinforces Activ Solar’s commitment to the sustainable energy development in the region.”

The project created over 320 jobs during its construction phase and supports 6 full-time operational jobs now it is complete.

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