Biofuel-Powered Planes in UK’s Future

Planes using biofuels created from landfill rubbish could take off from British airports under a new government scheme. As part of its plan to promote clean alternative fuels, the government of the UK is offering funding for projects to develop low carbon waste-based fuels for planes.  
Biofuel-Powered Planes in UK’s Future

Trials of sustainable jet fuel, made from waste materials, have taken place in Europe and North America, and now the launch of a this competition will see British experts conduct pioneering research in this sector.

Approximately 70 groups have already expressed an interest in bidding for the funding.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman stated, “We are making funding available to innovative businesses which will lead the way in developing alternative fuels that are efficient, sustainable and clean.”

The approximately $29 million in funding is available to projects that will produce low carbon waste-based fuels to be used in planes and lorries where it is not viable today to switch to electric power, because of the large weight of the vehicles.

The Future fuels for flight and freight competition is part of the government’s ‘Modern industrial strategy’, which sets out to support evolving industries with the potential to boost the economy.

For information: Dept. of Transport

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