Devolo announces Homeplug Green PHY Module for E-Mobility

New smart module addresses the growing E-mobility market with its HomePlug Green PHY modules and solutions.
Devolo announces Homeplug Green PHY Module for E-Mobility

According to the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC), there will be around 1.7 million electric vehicles on the road in the UK by 2020. HomePlug Green PHY is a power communications device designed for data communications between charging points and electric vehicles. As a member of the HomePlug Alliance, devolo has played a crucial role in drafting the standard for smart metering devices which now includes modules for the electric vehicle market. Charging point manufacturers and the automobile industry have now settled exclusively on this reliable standard, which guarantees seamless and secure data communication.

As the only global manufacturer of HomePlug Green PHY modules, devolo will be delivering volume shipments of certified modules by December 2012. In addition to a charging point communication, devolo HomePlug Green PHY modules also enable ground-breaking new services such as billing, authentication and data exchange with in-vehicle electronics.

According to the company, Devolo’s compact dLAN HomePlug Green PHY modules can be integrated easily and cost-effectively into existing charging points in accordance with the small-footprint standard. Manufactured and inspected to meet all relevant standards for charging system communication, devolo claims maximum reliability thanks to its certified manufacturing process.

dLAN HomePlug Green PHY modules are intended to guarantee stable and secure communication between electric vehicles and charging points while the car is being charged. They use the charging connection's pilot line for IP-based data communication, to relay information to the charging point during DC charging.

Both AC and DC current systems will benefit from additional services in the future, which can be implemented using this communication method. Alongside billing solutions for charging point operators, services from car manufacturers can also be integrated. dLAN® HomePlug Green PHY is fully compatible with current Powerline products, which means a smart home will be able to communicate with an electric car in the future. This allows music, movies, navigational systems or contact information from the integrated address or telephone book to be exchanged efficiently.

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