Volta expands its partnership with Macy’s offering free charging to customers

Electric vehicle charging network developer Volta has announced the expansion of its partnership with America’s premier department store, Macy’s, to offer free charging to its customers at dozens of locations across the US.
Volta expands its partnership with Macy’s offering free charging to customers
Courtesy of Volta/Macy's.

In 2014, Volta and Macy’s kicked off a partnership that has since exceeded expectations. Over the past seven years, Macy's and Volta have powered more than 7.6 million miles with zero tailpipe emissions. The partnership has further offset an estimated 3.4 million pounds of CO2 emissions, delivered 2.2 million kWh and saved 305,100 gallons of gas through hundreds of thousands of charge sessions.

Volta will continue deploying its electric vehicle charging services at key Macy’s properties, contributing to Macy’s published sustainability commitment. There are approximately 100 Volta charging stations already installed at around 40 locations. Macy’s intends to expand these locations by more than 50 percent this year, adding 20 such sites with many more in the pipeline.

“Our years-long partnership with the iconic Macy’s brand is indicative of their continuing commitment to living up to their forward-thinking sustainability goals - while also developing innovative customer-driven experiences and amenities” said Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO of Volta. “The metrics stemming from our continuing and growing work together demonstrates how effective this business strategy can be.”

Dennis Mullahy, chief supply chain officer, Macy’s, Inc, added that the company is committed to making a positive social impact in the communities where people live and work, and that the partnership with Volta to add convenient, highly visible electric charging stations helps customers to lower their environmental impact while creating a meaningful opportunity for the brand to engage with shoppers as they arrive to begin their shopping experience.

Unique to the EV market, Volta's business model centres around charging stations that feature large eye-catching digital displays that function as a sophisticated media network, providing brands a way to reach shoppers moments before they enter a store. These sponsor-supported charging stations provide energy to customers who are able to plug in their vehicles where and when they shop. The company’s business partners who choose to have Volta charging stations installed have reported an increase in spend, dwell time and engagement on site. Currently located in 23 states and over 200 municipalities, Volta's approach has gained significant acceptance and penetration in the market.

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