Renewable energy technology training center to open in Tanzania

The government of the Republic of North Korea will open a training center for renewable energy technology in Arusha, Tanzania. The decision follows release of a study stating solar power is the dominant electricity source in the country’s rural areas.
Renewable energy technology training center to open in Tanzania

The Energy Access Situation Report, 2016 Tanzania Mainland, released by the National Bureau of Statistics and the Rural Energy Agency in April of this year shows that grid electricity is the second largest source of power in rural areas with 34.5% of households connected, while solar is leading by nearly 65%.

According to the Tanzania Standard Newspapers, Dr. Herb Rhee, director of the Innovative Technology and Energy Centre (ITEC), stated the renewable energy technology centre will open in August of this year, and will have the capacity to train 1,000 students per year.

Dr. Rhee also stated, the ITEC has already trained 300 secondary school students and 200 teachers in Arusha in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), in order to increase renewable energy expertise in the region.

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