Array Technologies leads US market in solar tracker shipments

Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI), has announced it has shipped 6 GW of solar trackers globally.  
Array Technologies leads US market in solar tracker shipments

Array Technologies made the announcement following on the heels of the recent report published by GTM Research entitled The Global PV Tracker Landscape 2016, which examines prices, forecasts, market shares and vendor profiles. The report found that ATI is the nation’s market share leader in solar tracker manufacturing, based on MW volume of tracker shipments. It also notes that ATI has “the most extensive track record of any tracking vendor and is in the top tier of bankable tracking vendors.”

ATI has been able to achieve low up-front costs and long-term proven reliability, in addition to a simple and elegant design with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of terrain types. While many competing tracker architectures contain more than 29,000 parts in a 100 MW solar plant, an ATI-equipped plant of the same size is comprised of a mere 187 parts, drastically reducing the complexity of install and the level of operations and management required to maintain the project. ATI’s trackers are also robustly designed to survive extreme weather conditions in any tracker position, unlike alternative trackers which rely on assuming a specific position, such as wind-stow, to withstand weather events.

“We look forward to growing our leadership beyond the U.S. to meet the needs of the global utility-scale solar market” said Ron Corio, CEO of ATI.

The GTM Research report follows a recent announcement that the Power Opportunities group of Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., a private equity investment strategy focused on accelerating the performance of businesses in the energy and power industries, invested in ATI to enhance the tracker company’s global expansion. The firm targets leading infrastructure and equipment businesses in the energy space. The partnership provides ATI with the capital and strategic support needed to expand the company’s global utility-scale solar tracker operations. 

ATI is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All its trackers are engineered in the US.

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