Zhongtian Technology enters offshore wind market

Chinese cable laying company Zhongtian Technology has entered the international offshore wind market, having attended the 3rd China Offshore Wind Power Industrial Development International Summit earlier this year.
Zhongtian Technology enters offshore wind market

Zhongtian Technology (ZTT Group) specialises in continuous innovation in key technologies such as long distance cross linking, cable outgassing, cabling technology and large section water blocking. The company recently developed its 3 core long-distance 110kV and 220kV Submarine Optical Fiber Composite Cable, which it presented to potential investors at the summit. The company claims that the cable successfully solves the bottleneck problem of offshore wind primary conflux power cable and claims that it is suitable for over 50 km offshore wind projects.   

The company also says that its submarine cable product has been successfully deployed in many offshore wind projects, including the Zhuhai-Guishan Offshore wind 3 Core 110kV Submarine Demonstrative Project, the Huaneng-Rudong 3 Core 110kV Project, the Xiangshui 220kV Project, the Binhai H1-2 220kV Submarine Project and the Datang-Yancheng 220kV Submarine Project. It also claims it has now established a presence in the European offshore wind market.

The company has recently announced an agreement to establish a new offshore engineering base in Jiangsu and is about to invest in two new offshore cable-laying vessels. This will enable it to serve the Rudong offshore wind farm (the largest offshore wind farm yet established in Chinese waters) and enter new markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia over the next five to ten years.

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