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Tajikistan and Afghanistan join forces to build hydro power plant

The project which will be located on the Pyandzh river will generate 1,000 MW and mark another large scale hydro power investment in the central Asian region. Tajikistan and Afghanistan which are two of the regions countries lacking in natural energy resources as compared to for example Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, or Azerbaijan. While these nations have gas resources or coal to exploit. Afghanistan has relatively little in the way of natural power sources and has had to thus far import electricity from Tajikistan. Tajikistan has already previously worked on hydro power projects.

The project was announced by the Tajik President Emonmali Rakhmon and Afghan Energy Minister Muhammad Ismail Khan. Overall the project will produce 4 billion kilowatt hours on an annual basis.

In total the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank are expected to help fun the project. In the future the parties might also hope to develop a projet on the scale of four times the size on the same river. The current project which has been agreed on will cost $3 billion USD.

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